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It may have taken me two hours but I finally finished that episode. Good to see Grell again, who I kinda wanna make a post about soon.

Now its almost half 11 and the house is finally quiet so its time to conk the fuck out

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hhhhh yes

C’mooooon show me the babe, show me the baaaabe


Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

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I’m glad his death was quick. Jumbo was my fave of the members. He reminds me a bit of Odion…

Still wondering how she’s gonna fit into this scene xD

there it is

there’s the face

Okay I kinda get why they’d censor the chopped off arm…

but then

and after that we’re back to



Man… Mamoru tho…

Like he played Light, Light who is SO overdramatic and that laugh and the way he yells… Amazing.

Then he plays the goofy types like Kid and Tamaki - cuuuuuutie.

And then he plays Rin, who, in at least this season of Free!, is super calm and cool, but when he gets angsty, oh does he get angsty.

And now Joker. Who just got his arm chopped off and he’s yelling and begging and…

Gosh such a good voice actor.

Gosh it’s good to see her back tbh

Ooooh, Grell is actually in this. There’s only been mini cameos so far but YAY a scene!