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I do but I’m too tired to think. So I’m currently watching Haikyuu.

I’m 8 eps in, when is the only girl in the show actually gonna be useful? Or is she just there to make this show NOT look sexist…? I mean, at least Gou actually HAS lines… :/

Sometimes I forget I’ve an RP blog :/

【凛江】再版お知らせとツイピク等まとめ | しおら(芹澤ナエ) 


I love RinGou and you can’t convince me otherwise ( ˘ ³˘)❤

in fact they were one of the reasons for why i started to watch Free! lol  warning! massive ringou spam art will be coming soon…. probably orz sorry not sorry

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When a POC reads a lot, gets good grades or speaks with naturally with an expansive vocabulary and white people say ” haah you are so WHITE!”

What they really are saying is “I don’t associate those positive attributes with being a poc because your people don’t do any of that. Only white people do are capable of that.”





Gravitation: Track 11

Damn tho. I had my Tuesday planned out and everything.

- Jog only once around the park after a bit of stretching just to get a healthy start to my morning.

- Come back and have a quick wash (just under my arms and stuff) and then get then get changed.

- Since I don’t eat breakfasts, grab a banana and walk up to the shopping centre (20 min walk so it makes up for only one jog around the park).

- Buy:

  • Cleaning wipes
  • A mop
  • Tights
  • Eyeliner

and also collect my money.

- Get the bus home.

- Have a proper shower.

- Get into my jammies.

- Clean all day.

- Watch HxH when it comes out.

- Sleep.




I’m in too much pain to do the majority of that. The jogging was supposed to be done BEFORE 10 anyway and it’s 10:30 now and I’m still sitting here in my PJ’s.

I will not walk to the centre, no way. My feet hurt from trekking forests practically.

I DO have to get my money but Idk about all that shopping. My arm feels like its broke so I will NOT be doing my cleaning today, esp since its my right arm that’s killing me. So technically I don’t need the cleaning supplies yet. I’m sure I can make do without the other two things for a day as well. 

But I do have to collect my money, that’s the problem.

Bleh bleh bleeeeeeeh.

Why did (pain)tball have to hurt so much.

So, yesterday I was debating on going paintballing after only 3 hours of sleep but I dID IT. We all met at half 9, got our ride up to the countryside and got straight to it. All the way up to half 3.There was 20 of us. Me and Angela were the only girls out of 20. When we got there, we split up, but there was also a stag party going on (uh I think that’s called a bachelors party?) and they joined in with each team as well.

I had so much fun. But omg I’ve bruises all over my thighs. PEOPLE KEPT SHOOTING MY THIGHS. I got one in the neck tho. That was on round 1 so people were noobs at that point.

But yeah, I killed a few people too~ It was fuuuuuuuuuuuun.

My poor friend has bruises all over his back and someone shot him in the finger and it started bleeding. Well… his fault for always running in the line of fire ALL THE TIME.

Running through forests and hiding behind trees or hopping inside of huts as a hideout and popping out just to shoot people was really awesome.

The WORST part was 1) the heat. Wearing the jumpsuit and armour and the mask which I could barely breathe in in that heat was just… damn, it was hard. 2) The gun. It was unbelieavbly heavy. By the end of the day my arm was in bits from holding it. Fucking metal piece of—

Well I got home at 7pm and I conked the fuck out and I’m only awake now at 10 am the next day :3

Idk if I’d do it again cos it IS painful and a lot of money but, I’m glad it happened~ We then went to the beach and got some chipper food and watched the ocean as we relaxed and argued talked about Game of Thrones. Eh eh.


A Message For Everyone







Regardless of what your opinion is of the “Sailor Says” segment of the Dub, this is a sweet, relevant, well-worded and important message that more people should hear.

Should I call to cancel or should I just go for it and prob end up wasting my money by screwing everything up cos I’m so bloody tired

I think they need 20 people tho…

ack I gotta be there in an hour now

Bad mooooooooooooooood.

I went to bed at 12. Parents went out to meet our “long lost Scottish cousin who currently lives in America and has been for 20 years but wanted to meet us” …or whatever, but they said they’d be home at 12 cos that’s when it “ends” and my dad also has work tomorrow.

Normally when they go out on Saturday’s, they’re home anytime between 1 and 3. 

So yeah, I went to bed, expecting them home at anytime. Bro’s ain’t here so I’m on my own.

I was on edge for fucking hours.

I’m the type of person who… well it can go 50/50, but I don’t like to risk it. But I just hate when… I’m in a deep sleep, I’m woken up, and then it takes me hours to get back to sleep. My parents are always LOUD when they come in, that’s why I didn’t go to bed earlier than 12. I figured they’d come home while I was still awake and trying to sleep, or around the time I was just drifting off or something.

But 4:45 in the morning and I’m in and out of sleep at that point, wondering if they’re fucking dead. So I ring. They’re alive. They’re getting in a taxi. I told them to be quiet when they come in.

I’m to meet up with a load of mates at 8:30am (there’s 20 of us) so we can go paintballing down in a forest in the countryside.

I knew I’d have to leave my house at 8 since its about a 15/20 min walk, so I should be up at at least quarter to seven.

I really do need 8 hours sleep so I’m not grumpy.

But ya know, I go to bed at 12 and I know I need to be up by seven, so I know I’m prob only gonna get 6 hours maximum.

BUT NO. Because I was in and out of sleep up to almost 5am, and then awoken by the loudmouths when they came in and it took them 30 mins to get into bed, and then my mam has the loudest snoring EVER so I’ve basically just been awake since. I barely, altogether, got 3 hours sleep.

I’m gonna be grumpy and I’m defo gonna lose the paintball match/


And I think I’m the only girl going as well.

Ah this blows. OTL

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So I’m basically watching the volleyvall version of HxH.

I am very pleased.


Nicki’s verse on “Monster” still makes my nipples hard